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Jay’s Accent + My Beard = 💥

Jay’s Accent + My Beard = 💥


Do you ever sit there and ask yourself, "with a beard as sexy as his, what does Humble do when he needs a little bit of insight and realignment? Does he meditate? Does he dive into a good book? Does he stroke his beard endlessly?" The answer is NO for the first two. I turn to the monk @jayshetty, we sit on a rooftop, or balcony, or in his beautiful office, and we just talk. We talk about everything under the sun; life, business, relationships, the hustle, all while I'm stuffing my face with whatever amazing things @veggieveganveda has shared with me. Jay doesn't eat, my working theory is that he derives energy from smiling somehow. 
The first time we hung out, I felt like a fool for not having the foresight to bring a notepad. Everything this man says, and how he says it is magical. Most recently @iisuperwomanii and I went over for dinner, and after the talk of business, healthy eating, meditation, and reincarnation, we descended into a wormhole of cheesy #Bollywood music videos on youtube; sometimes that's all we need. Being in Jay's presence gives me energy and inspiration, and that London accent of his is the cherry on top. 
As I work my butt off to get the world to know about the release of my book, Jay has gone out of his way to share his platform, his network, his insights, his love and attention with me to help me make this release as successful as possible. That means a lot, and that inspires me to pay the love forward, and reinforces that I am best in my life when I'm bringing value and serving others. Thank you for having me on your amazing podcast, I'm excited for the world to hear one our conversations. I know they'll take as much value from it, as I do. #BLESS

If you'd like to hear one of the many wonderful conversations Jay and I have, check out the latest episode of his podcast 'On Purpose'.

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