You are NOT your beliefs

I used to believe in cooties, Santa Clause, and a god in the sky who looked down and took notes on everything I did. Then I grew up and understood the importance of all those stories, and how they help shape us into people that work well in the society and cultures we have. More importantly, I learned not to place my self-worth and identity into my beliefs, because after all, beliefs are just very strongly held opinions. Beliefs can and should be scrutinized. Our biases, beliefs and opinions need to be challenged and updated regularly. Doesn't matter if we're talking spiritual, political, or our favourite flavour of ice cream (P.S Mint chocolate chip is gross don't @ me). When people challenge our beliefs, we feel as if they're attacking us, and that's a sign that we've gotten too attached. We should be able to hear out someone who thinks and believes differently from us, without feeling like they're criticizing us as people. I am not my beliefs, because I hope my beliefs are a continuous work of art, changing with the times. I love it when my biases are challenged and my bubbles are burst, it means I'm still learning something new; that in itself gets harder and harder the older we get. Most often, and especially online, when our beliefs are challenged, we close our ears and double down, and escape to our echo chambers where everyone thinks like us. That's because affirmation is more addictive than sugar. Why learn something new, when there's someone telling us exactly what we want to hear, and another profiting off the disagreements. Sharing our ill-informed opinions and having them validated is also a great way of being noticed and feeling some significance, but in the long run, we're setting ourselves up to drown in ignorance and closed-mindedness. I'd rather say I DON'T KNOW, and learn something new than to act like I got it all figured out because I read a clickbait headline or holy book. You are not your beliefs, you are much more vast and great. Keep an open heart, with an open mind, and enjoy the lifelong journey of learning  #BLESS

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