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Magical Moments

From the bottom of my heart, and the bushiest part of my beard, I want to thank @priyankachopra & @nickjonas for having me as a part of their beautiful union. Everyone's talking about how extravagant it was, and it really did earn being called Royal, but what stuck with me more was the abundance of love and friendship I experienced from everyone there. I've never slept in a palace, but i've also never been invited to eat the wedding cake with my hands, or watch a groom throw a bouquet, watch a bride slide across the dance floor (not to mention this being the official pic with the couple). Two families became one in those moments, and I'm beyond grateful for having the opportunity to experience that. Thank you @iisuperwomanii for bringing me along these magical moments.

This wedding had quite a few events, and I want to thank @Thesandylion for keeping me beyond fresh on every occasion (you'll see all her genius in the coming weeks, and follow her for the story behind my looks). For the Christian wedding, I wore a mint, (and I was the chocolate) bespoke suit from @sootzclothing. Ask Lilly how many time's I told people I was mint-chocolate chip when they complimented my look. I have the @misterctoons #cortez from @nike for optimal dancing 🕺🏽

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  • Neha Nair

    You and Lilly were looking fabulous❤❤.

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