Who do I want to be during COVID-19?

I'm trying to find that brighter blue every day. Not just surrounding what's happening right now on the planet, but in life in general. Things will keep happening, and I have to remind myself that I will always have a choice to make things better or worse. There is always a level below the hell we're in, and a cloud above the heaven we feel, it's important we decide where to direct our attitudes and efforts on our journey.
I hope you've been spending this time in ways that you want. I hope you got more sleep, I hope you learned new things about yourself, and I hope you discovered new priorities. This is a unique time in our lives, and we have the power to look back on it with a smile, but that depends on the decisions we make now.
I'm aiming to make these next weeks a bit better than the last in terms of how I spend them; it's a journey after all, and that journey is only worth it for me if I'm making progress.
Leave a 🏠 in the comments and let me know what's been a highlight of your quarantine journey so far.
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