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Finding the right person < being the right person

Finding the right person < being the right person

No one can complete us, no one can be our better half, they can only be a complimenting pillar to help us carry what we carry. I'm in no way, shape or form an authority on love and relationships. I've been destroyed and left a path of destruction of my own on my journeys of love. I've learned a lot, lost a lot, and gained a lot in the process. My thick skin has shielded me from harm, but also denied me love. I'm still figuring it out, but what I know for sure, is figuring it out means going inward, not searching outwardly. Every new person I come across teaches me something about myself. The love we need can only be generated from within and shared outside, only once we've filled up our cup, otherwise, we're throwing it out there like a boomerang, with the selfish hopes that it comes back. I think the more we work on ourselves, the more we can open our sails to others doing the same. Then we can hold hands and keep that journey going. We may have to let go at some point, and that's okay, our paths are our paths, and we can't change directions for anyone but ourselves. Love yourself the way you want to love others, it'll have a magnetic effect on the people that find you. #BLESS
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