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Tiny Victories

Tiny Victories

When I went full time as an artist I was $80K in debt, and it took four years to get my bank account to $0.
I thought it was going to be the happiest day of my life and I would have my Will Smith Pursuit of Happiness moment, in the crowd, happy-crying, and I did; and then after a month, it faded, and I was worried about some other shit. Happy endings don't exist.. there's always going to be a day after. We see so many movies, TV shows and carefully curated social media posts, that make us believe that happiness is just beyond a horizon, and all we have to do is tough it out for a little bit longer and things will feel great forever.
That's not how life works.
Instead, we experience life in moments, tiny moments, some happy, some sad, some in between, but all fleeting. That sounds depressing to some, but really it can be very liberating. Nothing you do will make you happy forever, but it will make you happy for the moment, and that moment is worth enjoying. The unpleasant moments have their value too because that's when we learn.
"So Humble, do I just go around chasing highs until I die then?" Well, my handsome friend, that's kind of what you've already been doing. We chase moments, and life is wonderful when we have moments to look forward to, but don't for a second think one moment is going to make everything feel wonderful forever. Life works in cycles; the seasons and life and death show us that the straight line that television and some religions want us to believe just isn't real. Fortunately and unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, so take note of the moments you appreciate, and relive them in your mind and heart like Boomerang.

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