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There are emotions in vibrations, but there's also a science to it.

When I first started creating, it was raw and without direction, but still resonated on levels even I didn't understand. As I became more fluent in music theory and rhythm, learning different chord progressions, and how they inspire various emotions, I started to discover the places science and art held hands, and I found that blend both satisfying and liberating. Putting words together is really putting vibrations together. Vibrations that have the power to ruin your day or brighten it beyond belief. There's a science explaining why, but a magic that still undeniable. I'm proud to share a poem I created in collaboration with @seed, a group of beautiful minds that encourages us to all inquire within, and build the better relationship with microbiomes that form the miracle we are. 
Full Poem Below:
you are more than you think
more abundant,
more intricate,
more complex,
you are a piece in a puzzle, and also a puzzle in a piece
a gorgeous relationship
a symphony in harmony
a superorganism
a community
a responsibility
a partnership with trillions
all the pieces of you that make you, you
We are them, they are us.
so inquire within
never stop questioning
everything we’ve been taught
explore the unseen universe that we are
shining light on the unseen
science to ignite our spirit
clarity from confusion
life is an experiment
we are not what we’ve been taught
citizen scientists on a pale blue dot
finding ourselves from the inside out
There’s a revolution in our evolution.
A redefinition of our definitions.
Nouns become verbs.
So health becomes action
The seed of a new way.
we have cousins in the stars
and history in our cells
with a new lens to understand ourselves
microscopes and telescopes are mirrors
a reflection of rainforests and coral reefs
we are teeming with life, an ecosystem
and the microbiomes that live in, on and between us
we are all connected
revelations that inform how we feel and function
and challenge assumptions
every moment can be an AHA
every question a discovery

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