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This Was Never About Bathrooms

This Was Never About Bathrooms

This was never about bathrooms, just as it was never about the water fountains; it's about those with power flexing their muscles over minority groups in matters that are none of their business. When I was a teacher, I was the anti-bullying coordinator at my school, and we educated students that with bullying it wasn't the bully or the victim who had the most power, it was the bystanders. They had the power to turn things around very quickly.  I know many visible minorities don't give a sh*t about #LGBTQ issues, and also, unfortunately, I've been personally called a 'terrorist' by people in the LGBTQ community... therein lies the challenge and opportunity. Minority groups, whether based on race, gender, orientation, or economic situations are only minorities when they exist alone. We can't stand up for #Muslims and ignore the oppression of #Aboriginal communities or the plight of people in #Palestine#Sudan#Flintor #Kashmir. We can't simply address #PoliceBrutality and ignore the inequities #Women face. When minority groups join together and mobilize, they are no longer a minority, and they can no longer be pushed around by dinosaurs who are frantically clinging on to the 20th century. This requires all of us to give a sh*t about issues, causes, and policies that may not have any direct benefit or affect on us as individuals. That means we have to stop assuming the world revolves and exists solely for us, and anything that doesn't apply to our world is not important, because it is very important. We are in this together. Tiny drops of water will dry up in the sun, but if we put them all together, they'll form an ocean that can't be f*cked with. The #Revolution starts within us FIRST, then it can have an impact on the world around us. #UNITY #LOVE

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