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Bestseller, Baby

Bestseller, Baby

Five months after its mainstream release, #Unlearn is still a #1 bestseller! I'm happy and grateful, but to keep it 💯 with y'all, I'm also feeling an extra "Hell Muhfuggin Yea!". This book was rejected by publishers, and it took years to get it on the big stage, so "Humble The I Told You So" needs to come with his chest out today, because there's many of you reading this that may let the self-doubt creep in and have power over your decisions. That doubt gets fed by the opinions of others. I have no ill will towards the publishers that rejected the book, they couldn't see what I saw, and to be honest, they didn't need to. The only person who needed to believe in my work was me, and I needed to express that belief through hard work and persistence in pushing my baby out into the world. Yes, it would be nice if everyone saw our magic, but it's more important for us to see that magic in ourselves. We can't wait for the world to permit us to make the life we want, and I hope that instead of just celebrating the success of this book, you take it as a cue that dope things can happen when you work your muhfuggin ass off. I'm excited to share details about my new book THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US with you next week, all while UNLEARN is still connecting with new people, and reaching new highs every day. #BLESS

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