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There's No Good or Bad

There's No Good or Bad

When you're a young kid, you see a pizza, all you see is pizza. As you get older, you figure out that you're looking at some dough, cheese, and different toppings- it's the same pizza but you see more, and understand how everything works together. When you get even older, not only do you see all the ingredients to the pizza, you notice the fat, the carbs, the dairy, the gluten, and the potential sacrificial pig, or cow, or pineapple. It's the same pizza, but now we recognize more, including the things that can't be seen with the naked eye.
That's life, when we're young, we see GOOD & BAD, but as time goes on, we see more to the stories, until eventually, we see infinite shades of gray. Nothing is completely bad, and nothing is completely good, everything exists on the spectrum, and the more we remind ourselves of that, the more we'll be able to recognize the toppings on the pizza of our lives, so we can create more opportunities from even the darkest moments.

This quote is from my new book THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US. I cried a few times writing this book, and a few more times recording the audio version. Check them out. Link in my bio. Tag someone who needs to see this. #BLESS

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