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If You Compare Yourself to Others, You'll Always Feel Frustrated

If You Compare Yourself to Others, You'll Always Feel Frustrated

As one problem gets solved, we make room for new problems. Most of us don't have the problem of basic survival, but that doesn't mean we're problem free. Having food on the table, and clean water to drink frees up our lives to find other reasons to be miserable. Out here in LA, most of the people I know aren't really struggling financially, and that opens up space for struggles of a different kind. It's almost as if, struggles and problems come standard with this thing called life, and no matter how much we get, how much we do, or how much we accomplish, something is still going to feel like shit. It's easy to find things to feel shitty about when we compare ourselves to other people. Doesn't everyone else seem so much better off, at least according to their social media. Those folks are so pretty, taking pictures in cool locations with cool people, having such a massive audience who cares about what they think, feel, and say at any time; must be nice.⁣

Well that's all of us, pretending to be better off than we are, and everyone is in on the lie. There will never be a magical moment where you can compare yourself to others and feel better, if that was the case, you'd be doing that now with the majority of the planet. Instead we're focused on those who have it better than us, and there will always be people that seem better off. ⁣

What we need to address is our focus. Either spend time comparing, or spend time in gratitude and appreciation, both decisions are within our powers at any given moment, but only one of those decisions will allow us to feel good about life. You decide. #BLESS

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