The Saddest People

We found value making other people happy, then got caught in the cycle. Now SEEMING kind feels more important than BEING kind; it's why we "show face" to social obligations, and find it hard to say NO to the people we want to spend the least time with.

Guilt & shame run rampant as weapons against us, until one day, we find ourselves using guilt & shame against others. So to keep other off our back, so we don't feel horrible all the time, we fall in line, and be whatever we need to be to keep others happy, not realizing how little happiness we'll find when we're not being ourselves.

There's no honour in keeping everyone else happy, that doesn't make us martyrs. we're only commiting slow suicide of our real self, and the price for that will be chasing all the wrong things to compensate for the lack of peace we thirst for. That peace isn't free, or cheap, but it's better than anything else we think we'll get living for everyone else.

Making others happy won't make them or us feel any less worthless, the problems we feel on the inside can't be solved from others around us. So instead, let's focus on making ourselves a bit more happy, then spreading that happiness. That doesn't mean shoving our ideas, values and beliefs down everyone else's throat. It may simply mean, sharing a smile, an ear, or even a shoulder.

If you find yourself saying "I put everyone else's happiness before mine", snap out of it. Treat yourself like you treat these people. Be your own best friend, your own cheerleader, your own ride or die homie, then find others who do the same, connect with them, and beautiful INTERDEPENDENT relationships are formed, devoid of unhealthy dependencies, and real authentic happiness, peace, respect, and accountability can be found.
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