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The Most Important Work We Can Do Is on Ourselves

When you're on a plane, and ignoring the flight attendants explaining the emergency exit and life jacket instructions, you'll still remember that they tell you to ensure you have your oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else with theirs, even kids. It's not selfish, it's important to do it this way because if your oxygen isn't taken care of, you won't be in a situation to help others with theirs. The same thing goes for our mental, physical and spiritual health. Having almost 10 years in the game has taught me a lot about being a creative, artist, and entrepreneur, and I'm taking that knowledge and sharing it with the next generation so they can get it done quicker than I did. I had to do it for myself first. The same applies to happiness, and I know there are people reading this that are so used to putting others first, even at the expense of themselves, but that's not sustainable. Sure you feel like a hero, and you feel needed, thus validated, but eventually, you'll burn out, become resentful and drown in self-pity. Focus on yourself first and encourage and empower others to do the same. Then, you'll be in the position to share all the wonderful you develop from within you with the world around you. This self-love may also involve letting go of people who are just draining you of your time, energy, love and attention. We can't save 'em all, we can only encourage them to save themselves and help them when they're doing all they can do when they work towards that. #BLESS
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