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Shoutout Sequoia

Shoutout Sequoia



Being an artist means you're bringing new ideas to the planet, and not everyone appreciates that. We are unique because of our unique composition and upbringing, and sometimes that can be the most isolating feeling, when no one else shares your vision, or understands why you're the weirdo you are. The wonderful @sequoiaemmanuelle and I crossed paths a few years back, and it was a bond ever since. She has taken some of the most unique pictures I've ever seen, and even did my last album cover for my last musical release RIGHTEOUS & RATCHET. Sequoia is also the child of a cabbie, and that was something we discovered when we last hung out a few months back to record for her podcast. Often times we cross paths and work with people, only to not stay in touch once the work is done. I'm proud to say that Sequoia and I have only deepened our connection, shared more of ourselves, and taken more risks with our creative collaborations. Check out her amazing work, and listen to her latest episode of her podcast, where we take a deep dive into ourselves, our history working together, and our views on creativity, the sacrifices we made to have the lives we have, and wisdom we want to share with others. I'm grateful for wonderful people like Sequoia, who are not only talented artist, but beautiful souls through in and through out. •
Link to our convo in @sequoiaemmanuelle’s BIO for Spotify and Soundcloud •
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