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When I met thesandylion, she was an intimidating and stylish monster, stealing all the oxygen out of the room with her unfairly symmetrical face. To add to the mystic, she was private on Instagram. After a little poking, she went public and started by sharing pictures of outfits laid out on the floor. Slowly, over time, she continued to evolve her content and showed the world how to feel good about themselves through their own personal style; no expensive clothes needed, just some creativity and bravery. Whenever brands reached out to her to model, she delivered in front of the camera, and then showed them her genius behind the scenes, styling red carpet looks for celebs, music videos, and photo shoots. 
Sandy has asthma, but that didn’t stop her from forming her own Nike run club. She just conquered a 5K in under 35 mins this past weekend.. Nike Toronto celebrated her triumph by surprising her with this bus ad, forever cementing her into one of the most impactful social campaigns ever, led by Colin Kaepernick 
I’m sharing this story because the artist was always within, but these moments only happen once we decide to share our magic with the world; so take that first step. Sandy is also a teacher, and is in no rush to leave that, because she finds inspiration and energy in the classroom. I may not make it back to the city in time to celebrate this with Sandy, so I want to share it with my handsome friends, in hopes that it pokes the rest of y’all to share your magic as well 🙂 Congrats Sandy for continually conquering. You’re an inspiration, and more proof that we’re the greatest city in the world. 🦁

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