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In 2012, I was $80K in debt, hooked on Nyquil and muscle relaxers, heartbroken, and too embarrassed to face the world. It wasn’t good, and things didn't get better overnight. It took time. 
I started to write–thanks to the encouragement of my homey @iisuperwomanii–and this act slowly let the sun back in. I wrote about a lot of things–relationships, fear, death, healing, purpose, money, love, beliefs, hope, goals. And, the more I wrote, the lighter I felt. The coolest part is that when I shared my writing, y’all said it helped you feel lighter, too... I’m so excited to announce that the same collection of writing that brought me (and some of you) out of darkness will be reaching more readers because I’m partnering with @HarperCollinsUS to publish UNLEARN: 101 Simple Truths for a Better Life (coming April) with a brand-new foreword.

Pre-order a copy of UNLEARN to receive: -3 free bonus chapters -a personalized thank you video for pre-ordering my book -a chance to meet with me in person while 10 others will get to via video chat 
Visit for details 
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