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On This Journey

On This Journey

On this journey as Humble The Poet, I had a lot of goals. I day dreamed about travelling to cool places, and soaking in the environment and then writing about it. I day dreamed about all the pretty girls that would be hollering, and how that would make the little insecure kid hiding inside feel wonderful. I day dreamed about having enough money to not have to try to make money, and simply live off my creativity, and how liberating that would feel. For me, all those day dreams came to life, but the feelings never matched. When we first hit that realization, we may simply decide that we haven't hit enough. Maybe I haven't made enough money, or impressed enough girls, or travelled to enough cool places. But that begs a new question: How much is enough? Everything we do on the outside is to help us address something that we're dealing with on the inside, but rarely do things work out as we expected. There's definitely a boost of serotonin when I cash a juicy cheque, or flirt with a pretty girl, or read a heartwarming message from someone who credits me with helping them, but none of it lasts (when I mean none, I mean NONE). It will never be enough. There will never be enough likes, followers, girls, cheques, or anything else we value, ever. I sit with, others who seem to have it all, lement on what's still missing in their lives, as if a girlfriend is the answer to it all, or being #1 or hearing our parents say they're proud of us, but it'll never be enough. We're chasing feelings, and feelings don't last. Instead of appreciating them for their short lives, we just start chasing more. Maybe it's time to shift our priorities elsewhere, maybe we stop chasing a certain feeling, and allow all the feelings (especially the unpleasant ones) in, who knows what we can learn and share from that experience. Maybe guys like me aren't here to feel good, but instead just to simply help everyone else understand what they're going through. I'm ok with that, thank you for reading #BLESS
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