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My Parents' Dreams

My Parents' Dreams

Mama Poet & Papa Poet being too cute right now.. In 2012, I got a rare opportunity to have my parents meet their childhood hero Dharmendra. Along with them meeting their hero, I discovered how much more energy and excitement I got from trying to bring their dreams to life over mine. Over the years, I've been able to make other cool things happen for them, not just to help them live a life they've dreamed of, but to also encourage them to dream more and add more to their bucket lists. Like many immigrants, my parents’ goals were simple and straightforward, and involved providing for their children. Now that we're all set, they don't naturally turn off the immigrant grind, we have to nudge them to have more fun. I got to perform for my parents in a packed arena, take them to Kenya, and simple shit, like getting them to try a new veggie burger from a restaurant. Even the little things are a big deal for two people who’ve spent most of their lives penny pinching to build a life for their kids. My mother's dream was always to see Venice, the "city made of water", because it was something she learned about in her village’s school. Years ago, my parents didn't have any goals or dreams of their own, and now they're slowly recognizing what they want from life and making it happen. Of course, my mother would probably trade this moment for me giving her a grandkid, as many Desi parents would, but I'm glad they're finding other things they like, and it doesn't involve me having to have a little snot nose mini-Humble. All the work they did setting up my sisters and I means we can help bring these newly discovered dreams to life. I'm realizing a bigger gift than flying them around the world is going to be empowering them to discover and live their best lives, after they've given up so much of it to us. #BLESS

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