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Life Is Too Short to Be Around People Who Rob You of Your Happiness

Life Is Too Short to Be Around People Who Rob You of Your Happiness

How do certain people make you feel?
Do some people bring up your anxiety as soon as they come around?
Do others melt your stress and make you feel lighter than clouds?

It took me until this year to really pay attention to how other people made me feel. I always knew to stay away from certain people, but that was always based on what they said, or what they did, but recently, I just started to pay attention to how being around people made me feel.

It didn't matter if I had history with them, it didn't matter if they were family, it didn't matter if they had the power to help me accomplish my goals. I just quietly listened and paid attention to myself, and tried to notice how things felt, when I was around them, or even when I simply thought about them.

Our gut is a great compass, but life piles on so much noise, that's it's hard to hear it, this is where alone time and having conversations with yourself are essential. Conversations can be out loud or in a journal (not in your head, thoughts are incomplete, write, or speak them out). From these conversations you'll find a source that cares about you much deeper than anyone around you ever could, and it'll begin to reveal a pathway for you to feel your best; sometimes that involves some Autumn cleaning of people in your life.

Is this easy? no, but nothing worth doing is easy.
Once you move away from other people, will you feel great immediately? No, it can definitely hurt in the short term, but it'll be better for you in the long run.

We can call this "protecting your peace" but it may be better to say "honouring who you are, and the boundaries that come with that".

We deserve better, but that means we have to do better. People I have distanced myself from aren't bad people, sometimes being around them brought a side of me that I didn't enjoy, so the distance is important to honour my own better self.

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