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Dear Kanwer

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Dear Kanwer You just released BAAGI MUSIC with @Sikhknowledge, this song will forever change your life. You'll quit your job 2 months later to pursue music, and that doesn't work out. A year later, you'll be $80K in debt, depressed af, hiding in bed, high on nyquil and whatever else you can find in your empty medicine cabinet, hoping someone saves the day for you. No one ever comes. You wonder if a "fall" off your balcony is the solution to all your problems. Eventually you'll hear J. Cole's "Dollar & A Dream Part III" playing while you sleep, and leap out of bed, and you decide SINK OR SWIM. "I will be Humble The Poet until I die" You sell everything you own, move back home with mom & dad, and try to figure things out. You have dinner with your new friend @lilly. You tell her how musics slow because you don't how to do it, so she challenges you to figure out what you can do by yourself. You say "I can write", and she replies "So write!" You share so much writing, that your community demands you drop a book, so you put it all together and call it UNLEARN. In 2014 you'll get your debt to $0, in 2015 you'll go on a world tour with Lilly, in 2016 you'll release another book, in 2017 you'll release your biggest song to date H.A.I.R. You do an Apple commercial, and UNLEARN will catch mainstream attention. By 2019 UNLEARN is an international bestseller, and most people won't even know you started all of this because of this one song called BAAGI. in 2020 your life will flip upside down again, not because of the Pandemic, but because the world slowed down and you began to hear yourself much clearer. Who you are in 2010 matters so much because it's what you'll be tapping into that to face the challenges you've signed up for a decade later. There is no SINK OR SWIM, this time, we're diving in and seeing how deep we can go. You're still releasing music with Sikh Knowledge and you just had a wonderful facetime date with Lilly. Most of the people that mattered in 2010 are still here, and that's something to be proud of. You made promises to yourself about who you'd be if things worked out, they did, so now's your time to honour that. More music in bio 🙂

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