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Keep trying, Keep learning

Keep trying, Keep learning

There are 3 kinds of learning.. the learning that's coded in your DNA (aka instincts), the learning you get from memorizing stuff (aka school), and the learning you get from trial & error (life). It's the trial & error learning that's the most beneficial, and the more trial & error you do, the more you learn, the more you grow, and the better off you are. It's not 10,000 hours that will make you great at something, it's 10,000 trial & errors. You don't need any special education to try stuff, see the result, and then try something else; you just need a healthy attitude, and enough moxie to stick with it. The things we stick with are often the things we naturally lean toward, some call that passion. Whatever it is, I encourage you to play around and discover new things you love, and new ways to do the things you love.
We often complained that we didn't have time to try new things, but now.. well, we've got plenty of time. We're scared to fail at things because it makes us feel bad, or it might be embarrassing, but we forget, trial and error is how we got this far. Mistakes need to be made, and not accomplishing something the first time isn't a failure, it's just part of the process. You didn't walk perfectly the first time you tried, but the difference was, back then you didn't care what others thought when you fell. Do things to get better at things, not to gain validation from others, then you'll find yourself slowly climbing the mountain of progress. Progress is more important than perfection, because perfect doesn't exist, and if it did, it'd be the end of the journey.
Keep trying
Keep failing
Keep learning
Keep growing

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