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Don't Trust the Noise

Don't Trust the Noise

I'll come up with a great idea, and 5 seconds later, I'll talk myself out of it. It's like we're at war with ourselves, and it's confusing because the entire battle lives in our head. We hear so much noise in our head, and we don't know what to trust, and what is truly who we are. The noise stings us with worries, and regrets and everything in between. Instead of trying to decipher which ones matter, let's focus on letting them drift away. I've tried to sit in the Om-Shanti-yoga-pose-this-is-boring meditation position for like 15 seconds, and the noises get louder. The focus can't be to force them all to shut up, but to let them vent, let them pass, and focus on the only thing that matters: NOW. The thoughts we trust will be the ones that paint our reality, so if you find yourself giving power to the not so pleasant thoughts, don't be surprised if life begins to feel the same. The noise in our brains will always be a constant stream, but it's up to us to decide when we're dipping in a toe, foot, or doing a full cannonball into those thoughts that consume us. Just because we think it, doesn't mean we have to feed it into fruition. Thoughts are powerful, so feed the ones that matter, and gently disregard the rest. #BLESS 
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