It's YOUR responsibility..

I was betrayed and left for broke. I blamed everybody. I blamed the people who betrayed me, as well as my good friends, because they either didn't warn me, or didn't feel enough empathy for me to enjoy my pity party. Things only got better in my life when I stopped pointing the finger (even when it was warranted), and took my responsibility. I didn't take responsibility just so I could sadistically blame myself. I took responsibility because, in doing so, I would find power to change things for the better. Power and responsibility go hand in hand, and as addictive as self-pity is, it doesn't make things better, in our lives or in terms of how we feel. We've all been on the wrong side of other people, and it's fucked us up. If we want to improve things, we have to focus on taking responsibility, even when it's not our fault. In the responsibility lies the power, in the power lies the improvement. This isn't easy, but it's most definitely worth it. #BLESS
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