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Decide Your Heroes, Decide Your Mindset

Decide Your Heroes, Decide Your Mindset

Controversial figure? Definitely.. But he's the only reason both #MamaPoet & #PapaPoet are able to see me online and follow my adventures.. And in my world that counts for a lot. When we reduce the world and the people in it as simply GOOD or BAD, we close ourselves off to the infinite opportunities to learn, grow and find inspiration.
I don't connect with the flawless holier than thou types, because I'm not one of those; I'm a flawed and conflicted human being. I connect and admire those who weren't perfect by any stretch, but who were able to rise beyond that to impact this planet on a culturally shifting magnitude.

Decide your focus, decide your heroes, decide your mindset.. That will determine the quality of your thoughts, feelings, and life as a whole. #BLESS
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