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I made a comment about traditional actors ..

I made a comment about traditional actors ..



I made a comment about traditional actors and how I think it's a waste of time that they go through auditions when they can make their own work online. That's when my buddy @lazyronstudios replied that he admired them for their hustle and putting themselves out there again and again. I was being judgemental, and he brought me back to earth by showing compassion and helping me better understand people I shouldn't have been judging in the first place. It's so much easier to judge than to understand, that's why we do it so prematurely. Why bother reading the article, when the headline gives us enough to pretend we know the whole story. The moment we experience something, we instantly label it as good news or bad news, even if when looking back, we were completely wrong. I'm grateful for guys like Aaron for kindly putting me in my place and reminding me to exercise compassion and understanding, rather than judgement. This applies to everyone we have opinions on. Just as I'll continue to focus on understanding other people and situations, I encourage you to do the same, especially if you're always feeling misunderstood yourself. What's something or someone in your life that you can spend more time understanding? #BLESS

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