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Humble in the UK

Humble in the UK

For my tour in the #UK 🇬🇧 I performed in sold out theatres and tiny back rooms of bars, in cities that feel like second homes, and places I never heard before (sorry Bristol for calling your Brighton 🤦). This was the first time I toured the country by myself, and the first solo shows I got to put on since 2014. We had hiccups, a little drama, a few Meet & Greets that had to happen outside (because UK loooves curfews), but overall it was magic. I got to meet some of the coolest people, and recconnect with some of my oldest and dearest funny-accented friends. Someone told me to take time off after the tour as I deserved the vacation, but the tour itself felt like that. My performances started at 80 minutes and almost doubled to two hours. I have the most fun on stage, and now I have a format that allows me to perform my music, do spoken word poetry, read from my books and talk my shit, all while including the audience. Thank you my Handsome UK family for being amazing audience members. We laughed together, and definitely cried together, and by the end, we were all singing and screaming together. What a magical 2 weeks. I'm excited to take this live experience around the world, and possibly sneak a visit back into the UK, just to catch up on my walks and bring you guys a bit more sunshine ☀️ #BLESS #HUMBLETHEPOETUK

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