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How to Become Stronger

How to Become Stronger

Voluntarily doing hard things make us stronger people, whether that's sitting in the ice, going to the gym, reading books, or any other challenge we can lean into. Doing difficult things also better prepares us for when other hard things come our way.
One day life was going one way, and then it flipped on its head. It can be scary because we don't know how this is going to play out. People are stressed about their health, their money, their jobs, and the loss of normal; all that was familiar.
None of us asked for this, it's not all our fault, but it's now all of our responsibilities, from the micro to the macro. Some people are better prepared than others, and that's because they've been thrown enough curveballs in life to start practicing their swing.

We're going to get through this, this is going to play out, damage will be done, and healing follows that; and as a collective, we'll be stronger, wiser, and more united for it.
How much stronger, wiser, and more united is up to us.
It's uncomfortable, uncertain, and scary; let's lean into it. Let's decide to focus on, and create the silver linings for this moment in history. Let's resolve to face the challenges that will be coming for the next bit, instead of hoping and praying that this will just go away. Let's refuse to wait on some other hero to come save the day; the heroes are already here (SPOILER ALERT: The heroes were you and I all along). I'm glad I get to spend this moment in history with you handsome friends, I couldn't choose a better bunch. We give each other strength and smiles, so let's make efforts to them spreading, and keep washing our hands, and keeping our distance to keep the other stuff from spreading.
Every amazing person you've ever heard of, got there by overcoming some real shit, greatness isn't born, it's developed through hard things. Now as a species, and a planet, we're going through some really hard shit, and we're going to become more amazing as we go through this. This will be the greatest point in our history, do you part to write this story.

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