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Bless All of You

Bless All of You

I was so afraid to share my work with the world when I first started. It's one of the reasons I used the name HUMBLE THE POET- it was something to hide behind, as I released lyric videos and spoken word poetry. That level of insecurity is keeping a lot of geniuses and artists from pulling the trigger and sharing their value with the world. I started writing when I was 8, but it took almost 20 years to start sharing it with the world. I was scared of being judged, rejected, and not supported, and to be honest, I experienced all of that. I had people tell me to my face that I wasn't that good, I had family members make jokes at my expense for not having a 'real job'. I also had people who cared about me, genuinely afraid I was going to fail, who encouraged me to go back to work because it was more safe and secure. People I admired in the Punjabi/Sikh community called me a disgrace. Some that did recognize my spark, pretended to be my friend to exploit my talents. These are any entrepreneur and artists' worst dreams. Not feeling supported can drain you of your soul, but these weren't the only voices. I remember posting a video of myself performing spoken word, and my sister sharing it with the caption "didn't know my brother was the next Edgar Allen Poe". I had strangers give me couches to sleep on, and give their time, energy, and effort towards helping the world learn who I was. For many years, I didn't believe in myself, and it was others who held me up, until I began to recognize that this wasn't my dream, but more so my purpose. I never thought to prove detractors wrong, I had too many people that I needed to prove right. I didn't want anyone to ever feel like they wasted a dime or their time on me, and that brings us to today. A day where a son of a cabbie from #Rexdale can write painfully long captions on a picture app and have thousands of people read and interact with it, and each other. Thank you for being a part of this tribe, I hope my story inspires you to pull the trigger on your own purpose.
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