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Get Better, Not Bitter

Get Better, Not Bitter


I get jealous. Going on social media will always give me an excuse to feel jealous of something. Maybe it's someone's beach body, or the fact that they're hanging with their family, or the fact that they don't look like they have any lower back pain. I got jealous when @iisuperwomanii got to sit down and chat with Bill Gates. I'm jealous I missed @scarbrothedawgs birthday party. Jealousy is simply hate and love mixed in a pot; you love what others have, but hate that you don't have it as well. I'm able to admit when I'm jealous and aim to do something about it, rather than simply stew in self-pity. The old me would become Humble The Hater, and make excuses as to why other people had the things I wanted. People throw that type of shade at me all the time, and because I've been in their shoes, I don't fight back, I get that they're jealous, and dealing with their own shortcomings. The way I got over the toxic feelings of jealousy was making a commitment to no longer trying to tear others down, but instead to work harder to build myself up. Through that process, I didn't catch up with others, but I began to empathize and realize that we're all in the same boat, and all have our own unique struggles. My jealousy has turned into a healthy admiration, one that inspires me to work towards the things I want. I'm no longer jealous of what people have, instead, I see it as proof that I can have it as well. Social media will always trigger it, so I spend less time on there, realizing I have to control my environments if I want to reduce my triggers. I challenge you to be honest with yourself and write down all the people and things you're jealous of and figure out a way to turn that bitterness into a path to make you better. If you're game to share some of those insights in the comments, that would be fantastic. #BLESS

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