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Time to be real, so let's prepare to say goodbye⁣
This cancer's spread beyond control, it's irreversible so I⁣
Think it's time that we abandon all the praying ⁣
and leave the hope at the door and enjoy what time remains⁣
I'm just saying, I gave the fight of my life, and this chemo isn't working, plus I'm feeling really tired⁣
And I already did the crying for the future I'll never see⁣
So lets enjoy the present, it's the only gift for me ⁣
and Smile when I'm in your memories, ⁣
and please remember me ⁣
for who I was, and get revenge on this monster that conquered me⁣

(Goodbye 2010)

One love @chadwickboseman
🎨 Justin Copeland
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