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Don't Take it Personal.. Even When It Is

Don't Take it Personal.. Even When It Is

I grew up with kids making fun of me for the way I looked, and that hurt less than a kind executive who agreed to have a meeting with me, only to cancel it last minute, not acknowledging that I flew out to their city, rented a car, and a hotel room, all to meet them, only to be casually ghosted. In the beginning, it made me want to quit. But just like the kids teasing me, these execs were telling their story more than mine. I realized that little came from taking things so personally, and that amplified after receiving messages from followers who assumed my captions and posts were specifically directed at them. I only recently learned about the four agreements, and glad it's a successful book, because DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL is one of those agreements. We lack context to know why others make choices that hurt us, and all have others interpret our intentions much more malicious than we thought. I don't take things personal now, even when they're meant to be. The mean comments online, the shit talk behind my back, even the attempts to actually harm me, are all reflections of the people throwing them my way, much more than they are of me. This isn't easy, and as a Cancer, holding grudges is my superpower, but being mindful of this, has brought me more peace than thoughts of revenge ever would. So I challenge you to stop being offended so often, pick your battles, turn off the device when you come across something that bothers you, instead of engaging with it, and see how much more peace you find. #BLESS
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