Don't Slow Down

We all have these voices in our head. Maybe it was the girl we had a crush on in the 6th grade who called you a know-it-all, which made you never try to sound smart again. Maybe it was that girl at your high school that said "ew" when your friend asked if you could come with to a party, so you didn't want to tag along. Maybe it was your mother telling you to straighten your hair because curly looks unkept, so now you devote an extra 35 mins every morning straightening it, even though she probably forgot she ever said it in the first place. ⁣⁣⁣
These outer bullies crystallize into bullies within, and they keep us from taking risks, trying new things, and living our lives as authentically as possible. Then there are the people that we hang out with now, and their own projections of judgements and insecurities on us. This only serves as a big roadblock on what could be a much lighter smoother ride of life. ⁣⁣⁣
These people and voices don't deserve to be combatted or debated. They don't need to be proven wrong, they just need to be disregarded. If someone calls you ugly and it hurts, it's because there's a voice inside you that feels the same. We have to become aware of that voice and let them know, in no subtle way, that they're not speaking a truth. ⁣⁣⁣
Explaining is draining, I can get 10,000 people to like this post, but notice the 3 comments that are negative. I'm aware of this, and instead of engaging them (and giving them more attention), I let them exist and move on with my life. I encourage y'all to do the same. #Love #unlearn

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