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You're a Champ..

You're a Champ..

I have an international bestselling book, and it still has spelling and grammar mistakes in it. I directed and edited music videos that have millions of views, and there are clear bloopers in all of them. There is no perfect, and being perfect isn't remotely necessary to find success. Sports teams don't need perfect records to become champions either, they play one game at a time, and the efforts add up. We have to stop waiting for something to happen to realize we're already champions. Signing a record deal isn't necessary for me to be a professional rapper, having a million followers on social media isn't necessary for me to have a community of handsome friends. Comparing where we are in relation to others is dumb, and a waste of energy. Instead, compare yourself to where you were yesterday. If you took the stairs instead of the elevator 3 times this week, and you only did it twice the week before, you're winning. Celebrate the tiny victories; they matter and they add up. That's what makes champions. What tiny victory can you celebrate today, let me know in the comments.


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