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Humble the Poet is a multi-talented creative, investor, artist, and bestselling author, who's aura embodies motivational pragmatism while encouraging a lot of space for self love and grace. 

His talks inspire people to take control of their future and create a new normal, rather than simply surviving difficult times. Humble encourages his audiences to recognize discomfort and uncertainty as opportunities for growth and resilience in both their personal and professional lives.Humble's work with organizations aim to create a clear and exciting culture that brings out the best in all team members working towards a common mission. 

Who is Humble the Poet?

HUMBLE THE POET, AKA KANWER SINGH, is a Canadian-born rapper, spoken-word artist, poet, international bestselling author, and former elementary school teacher. His first book, Unlearn, is a Globe & Mail bestseller in Canada. He has performed at concerts and festivals including Lollapalooza and been featured in major media including Buzzfeed and Huffington Post.

In a time of historic uncertainty, it's not easy to be enthusiastic about looking forward to the future. Many of us feel like we're doing so much just to keep our lips above the water, and feel powerless with what's happening around us. In Humble The Poet's talks, he shows that we don't have to wait around, and we can do more than simply survive. The new normal isn't something we have to accept, it's something we have the power to create. Reminding us that our purpose and passions come from the problems we're excited to tackle.

Humble's talks aren't designed simply to get through the most challenging times, they serve as a catalyst for us to dive into more discomfort and uncertainty; because that's where all the growth the resilience lie. Through important questions and changes in perspective, Humble works to inspire and interact with audiences to change from surviving in hard times to thriving.

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