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You're a Champ, Act Like It

You're a Champ, Act Like It

Things didn't start getting better for me until I decided that things should get better for me.
I want to avoid sounding like #TonyRobbins or #EckhartTolle by talking about the awesome power of your mind, but they're absolutely right. You're only a loser because you think you're a loser, and you're only a champ because you think you're a champ.
All the accomplishments and outside opinions come and go, and what's left is how you feel about yourself. Some of you reading this get very Sad Panda and say you have no reason to feel good about yourself, and I'm going to shrug and move on to the people who are willing to devote more energy to finding those reasons.
The reality is, both mathematically, and philosophically,  if you're reading this, you represent some of the most amazing pieces of this universe. You're part of humanity (unless you're some genius puppy reading this, which is an accomplishment in itself), and humanity has an amazing resume for what they've done on this small blue dot. The powers you have within you don't require anything to be summoned, other than you deciding to try things out. Feeling sorry for ourselves is junk food, it feels worth it in the short term, but it's not sustainable. Spend this week being the champ you are, and pretend if you have to, but be nothing short of a champion, in the way you walk, talk, dress, act, and love, and watch how quickly life will start to feel better.

Don't wait to feel good, decide to feel good, and get going. It's not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever will be. I believe in you because you were smart enough to follow me 😉. Now, it's time for you to further believe in yourself. Have an amazing week!
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