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Your New Life

Your New Life

I miss over half the events I'm invited to - weddings, birthdays, friends having kids - name the milestone, and I've probably had to miss a few. I'm missing a friends wedding today, and he told me about it last winter. Unfortunately the life I chose doesn't always allow me to make all the functions folks want me to attend, and I'm okay with that. Most of my people try to be understanding, but some don't, and like those before them, decide guilt and shame are weapons to use against me. I don't take it personal, anyone that guilts and shames us is usually a victim of it themselves, all I can do is encourage them to break the cycle. To say YES to anything means saying NO to something else, and in order to have the life we want, we're going to have to do more letting go than adding on. One day my life will be over, my energy spread, beard strands floating in space, and all the social obligations I made or missed really won't matter. I'm going to exist the way I chose, because then I'll have no one to resent for preventing me from doing so. Sometimes this means letting go of things, people and ideas of the past to make room for ones in the future. My journey started alone, and even in a room of loving family members, will still close alone, and although that's not the most romantic thought, it is one that frees us to pursue our enthusiasms. What is the life you want to gain? What is the life you want to let go? Leave a comment. #bless

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