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You are Not Your Mistakes

You are Not Your Mistakes

When I was a teacher, we were taught that whenever a kid messed around, we should address the behaviour, not the student. Letting the kids know that they’re great people, even if they made a bad choice, did wonders to correct the situation and help them maintain their self-esteem; that applies to all of us. ⁣

We're all bound to make boneheaded mistakes, and that's OK. It DOESN'T make us bone heads, it makes us human. We're all kicking ourselves for mistakes we made in the past, and we feel haunted with the coulda-woulda-shoulda's of life, but that's not very useful. Let go of the mistake, and keep the lesson, and realize that people will error, not just us, but those around us. ⁣

Sometimes great people will make less-than-great choices, but that doesn't downgrade them to a less-than-great person. Our choices define the direction of our lives, and we have the ability to change those choices to change that direction at any time. Let's stop tattooing our mistakes to our foreheads. Every moment is a new moment to have the life we want and be the people we want to be. #BLESS⁣⁣
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