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You Won't Be Here Forever

You Won't Be Here Forever

When anyone would share their pain, I would quickly try to solve their problem, tell them to stop complaining, or distract them from what they were feeling, when all they wanted was an ear and a brave space to share it.⁣

I recently realized I did this because I was struggling to sit with my own pain. Hearing their pain triggered mine, and I would do everything I could to make that feeling go away.⁣

We can’t wish pain away, we have to sit with it, listen to it, learn from it, and then grow from it. ⁣

This is new territory from me, and I designed a life around avoiding the vulnerabilities of others to avoid my own, but I’m committed to practicing it.⁣

Now people text me their problems and I try to be there actively and add some support. Most of the time it isn’t advice, it’s an empathetic ear, replying only to show I understand them, and they’re not alone.⁣

I’m not perfect at it, but I want to get better, for those that I care about, and for myself.⁣

Life is too short to avoid the unpleasant things, especially since none of us are making it out alive.⁣

Let’s redefine our relationship worth our pain, see it as an important teacher, instead of the schoolyard bully we need to avoid. #Bless

If you made it this far, text me 917-636-4159 🙂
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