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You Can't Change What You Refuse to Confront

You Can't Change What You Refuse to Confront

This isn't for everyone.

Often, we busy ourselves by doing things to avoid what we really should be doing. This can be simply procrastinating to avoid studying or creating entirely new life choices to avoid confronting something that needs to be addressed.
This isn't for everyone.
This is only for the people who are ready to have honest conversations with themselves and are willing to admit things that may not be the easiest or most comfortable to admit. The first step to dealing with problems is to admit there is a problem. ⁣
I'm not talking about the problems your friends say you have; they don't live your life, and won't have a clear picture of what you're going through. I'm talking about the problems you've identified in yourself and get an uneasy feeling when you think about it. ⁣
It might have to do with a relationship with a person, a substance, or maybe a lack of a relationship with a person, or the gym. Or maybe it's simply that you no longer feel worthy of having wonderful things happen so you've begun to sabotage them when they come.
I'm not here to guess (though I hope I hit a few of you), nor am I interested in hearing about it; that conversation is for YOU and YOU alone. ⁣
Put down the phone, turn off the computer, take out some paper and something to write with, and spill it out. You don't even have to use words, you can draw, doodle, stab the paper for I care. You're doing it for you, and you'll understand why you're doing it.
This isn't for everyone.
Some of you will click like, or scroll past and continue, which is fine. The rest of us have work to do.

If you're a real one, leave a 🗣 with your comment so I know you read the whole caption, and tag someone who needs to see this!
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