Win or Learn

“A loss ain’t a loss, it’s a lesson” - JayZ.⠀
Making it for Game 5 wasn’t easy (or cheap) and there was a voice-of-fear in my head that said “if we lose it’s gonna really suck💸, let’s just watch on TV”. Instead, the wonderful @iisuperwomanii reminded me on the importance of this historical moment, and that we needed to be there, so we made it happen.⠀

Things didn’t go our way last night, but I have no regrets. The energy in the building was nothing short of magic, and I leaned into a fear, which is always a win in itself. It’s okay to be afraid that you may get rejected, things may not work out, and your team may not get the win, but lean into it anyways. Even when things don’t work out, we grow from facing something that frightens us, and we realize that we’ll still live to fight another day. ⠀

A fear faced is a strength gained. Eternal Love to Lilly for always encouraging me out of my comfort zones and making me stronger. ⠀

Raps in 6⃣ix. ⠀

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  • Dope story. Thanks for sharing.


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