What is Confidence?


Confidence isn't thinking we're better than other people (that's cockiness), it's understanding that no one else is any better than us. Many people think we're born confident, or it's something we can turn on, but really it's something we develop over time. Imagine you had to do a speech in front of 100,000 people, it'd obviously be a daunting task, and you'll probably be nervous. Now imagine, instead of a speech, you just had to recite the alphabet. Although you may still be nervous, you'll be a lot less nervous, because your foundation is stronger, because you've practiced the alphabet a million times. That's confidence in a nutshell. The more you practice something, the more confident you'll be doing it. I've put miles on the stage, so I'm more confident in my public speaking and performing, but I've spent very little time in the water, so I have little confidence in my swimming abilities. Don't assume people are more confident than you, instead recognize that they may have developed a stronger foundation by practicing more overtime. What do you want to be more confident in? What practice can you implement today to get those baby steps to add up? 


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