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What Does It Mean to Be Woke?

What does it mean to be WOKE?. At this point, claiming to be woke has become a semi-pretentious statement to differentiate ourselves from others who are apparently still asleep. But really, the only real WOKEness to exist is the realization that we're all asleep at some level. There's always new shit to learn, and there's layers of ignorance, guilt, and bias we all have to reconcile with, and that's going to be a life long journey. It's more important to be self aware than woke, because self awareness will take you somewhere, whereas woke feels like a destination. Ironically, BASIC shares the same spectrum of meaning. Basic can be a baseline or an insult, depending on how you use it, and therein lies the irony of this shirt (yes I'm well aware I sound like the architect from The Matrix.. vis a vis, ergo etc). I like this design because it means so many different things to so many different people, and for that reason it reminds me on how we all connect to things on different levels, depending on where we are at in life. This design, alongside my others is available at humblethepoet.com =)

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