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What Do You Want?

What Do You Want?


My DMs are full of people asking me to share their work with the world. It's usually accompanied with a heartfelt message about how they just want to have an impact and help people. If helping people was a priority, then doing stuff online and getting Beardos to co-sign it is a much more complicated task, compared to just finding someone in your community and helping them out. I don't think they're lying to me, I just think they're not sure that they're chasing more than simply having an impact. We're not just working towards a degree or a job, we're trying to find meaning, significance and connection in what we do. Having a big audience on the internetz is something a lot of people want because they think it'll help them fill the voids they have in life; I can promise you it won't. I have friends with millions of followers, and they're just as happy/sad/grateful/miserable/hungry/tired/enthusiastic as my homies back home, who don't use social media. 

It's important to go through these motions, to figure out who we are and want we want from life. Sometimes it takes getting it to realize that we never wanted it. Regardless, we should be constantly asking ourselves "What do I want?", and not simply living to make other people happy; that's not sustainable. "But Humble, how do I figure out what I want?" Well, my handsome friend, it's all trial and error, so try and explore as many different things as possible and see what agrees with your soul.

Money, fame, and having cool shit is the template dream for everyone until they realize that getting that doesn't make anyone feel better. Save yourself the energy and stop trying to be like everyone else, and figure out your authentic loves and interests.

What's good for other people, may not excite you, and that's okay. The world needs different people doing different things, adding value in different ways, so get going on an adventure and figure out what tickles your fancy, and share your enthusiasm for it with the rest of us.

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