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Want it? Work For It

Want it? Work For It

I get to travel a lot, and with that travel, I get to see how most of the world lives, and SPOILER ALERT, it's nowhere near as wonderful as most of us have it in the internet-having world. Obviously, if people haven't left their bubble, then they can assume the grass is greener elsewhere, and social media has created a space where complaining seems to count for something, but at the end of the day, what we're left with is a lot of disconnection and entitlement. The world isn't fair, never was, never will be. Someone people will start further ahead than others, and most people will only focus on those in front of them when figuring out where they are. The truth is, if you're reading this, you're dramatically better off than most humans on this planet, and that's not to force gratitude, that's to give perspective. Then you can realize that anything else you want, will not be handed to you, and you'll have to get a little uncomfortable to make it happen. This could be something wonderful, like a job doing what you love, or something that feels like a bare minimum, like basic human rights, but the truth is, nothing's promised.

Everything we want, we need to work for, and the stuff we have that we didn't work for, should never give us illusions of pride. Being proud of your nationality isn't the same as being proud that you woke up before your alarm, and didn't have to hit snooze; see the difference, and pick your pride accordingly. We all have privilege, and those who don't think they do, probably have more than most. You can have whatever you work for, but you don't get to decide how much work it'll take. I don't wish you an easy life, I wish you the strength to handle a challenging one. #BLESS

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