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Value What You Are

The challenge of writing stuff that can be easily thrown in the 'self-help' section is that self-improvement can be misunderstood as: "something will always be wrong with you, and you need to fix that sh*t, and you won't be happy until you do." That mindset has us always focusing on our flaws, and depending on the company we keep, those flaws get even more scrutiny through the criticisms of others. There's no one reading this who is absolutely happy with themselves, but that doesn't mean we have to be in this constant state of "I'm not good enough, I need to get better". Instead, let's switch the mindset to something more productive, and less eating-disorder inducing. We're all great the way we are, but we have opportunities to further explore our potential, and that doesn't mean we don't have value before that. Reaching our potential is a life long journey, and will end once we're dead. Let's enjoy that journey, and not feel inadequate just because we haven't hit some goals we made up in our head based on what we see other people doing #BLESS

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