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Time Brought Me Here

Time Brought Me Here


Faith is personal. This was my journey, and I share it not to try to influence you but to give you an example of something that will probably be an ever-evolving thing in each of our lives. Don’t get frustrated if you haven’t figured something out entirely yet, whether that be your job or your relationship or your faith. Some things are ever-becoming, ever-evolving. Stepping back to realize this is what matters.
Through my own process of stepping back, I embraced the reality that my current spiritual lens may change, but I’m not threatened by that. Time brought me here—to a place of self-awareness and patience. I still feel magic and beauty and inspiration. I still respect that people hold their own personal truths, and I win nothing by debating and trying to be right all the time. I’m not an atheist, agnostic, or theist. I am a part of life, and as science dictates, my matter cannot be created or destroyed, only redistributed.
So, while I’m here in my current form, I share gratitude and 
appreciation for everyone and no one for allowing me not to be stuck in nihilistic dread, or spiritual ignorance, and for reminding me that I’m going to be figuring this out until my final breath.

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