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Thinking and Feeling

Thinking and Feeling

I know you can’t tell by looking at my magnificent beard, but I can be a jerk sometimes (more than sometimes actually). I think a lot of it has to do with my lack of empathy towards certain people in certain situations, often to do with things I’ve either never experienced or don’t think warrant empathy. I’m learning, but also understanding that I clawed myself out of a dark place, and believe most people can do it too; for me, it involved more thinking and less feeling, but that may not be the recipe for others. That “more thinking/less feeling” hurts the artist in me, and I’ve been aware that I need to find more of a balance. Some of you reading this are all heart and no brain, and others are cold and calculated and have very little emotion. Wherever you fall in the spectrum, realize that those strategies will help us in some parts of life, and hurt us in others, and our greatest asset is to be self-aware enough to know the difference. Stoicism has helped me in this dog-eat-dog world of entertainment, but it hasn’t helped me in my relationships. I’m working on that, for others, it may be the other way. The more we know ourselves, the better off we are to make improvements to feel better about the life we have #BLESS

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