The Truth About Chasing Happiness


Chasing happiness is played out. If you’re old enough to read this then you've been around long enough to see that life isn't like the movies, there's no ‘happily ever after’. One problem gets solved, and another one gets created, and that's okay; the invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck. If you want to strive for something that's attainable, strive for a life that exists on your own terms. This life won't protect you from heartbreak or struggle, but it will put you in a spot where you'll have the tools to address them, and be better for doing so. Once we escape the clutches and expectations of others, we'll realize that we had the keys to those cages all along, and that we found comfort behind those bars. Struggles bring out the best of us, so remember when the struggles die down, to find new challenges to keep your sword sharp.

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