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The New Normal

The New Normal

Tell people what they want to hear, you'll win elections, gain followers, attention, and all the other good things that come from making everyone happy.

Tell people what they need to do, what responsibilities they need to take, well.. good luck with that.

The way to find meaning in life is to find responsibilities and burdens to bear, that's what gives us purpose, direction, and something to aim for. The beauty is you have an opportunity to decide those responsibilities and burdens, but every now and then you don't.

What we're going through in the world with this pandemic is a responsibility and burden none of us signed up for. People are dying, businesses are closing, the isolation is affecting our mental health, and it's hard to complain about it, because everyone is going through it at some level.

The politicians making decisions about locking things down are getting caught breaking their own rules, and that makes it harder to bear these responsibilities. We've learned nothing new about Covid in the last 9 months, and that's just as frustrating.

What we do know is that if someone is living their last days in the hospital, you don't get to be there to hold their hand. We also know that the way things are set up are going to harm those who earn the least, and that's heartbreaking.

Even if there's a vaccinated glow at the end of the tunnel, it's a long ass tunnel, things are worse now than they were in March, but admitted we've all gotten tired of bearing it, but we have to bear it.

Bearing it may mean more hand washing, less socializing, or resisting the urge to spread stupid youtube videos about dumbass conspiracies.

Whatever bearing it means for you, keep doing it, so folks no longer have to spend their last moments alone, and kids can be gross and snotty around each other again, and hugs and handshakes can make a triumphant comeback; There's a lot of meaning and purpose there.

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