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The Most Important Relationship

The Most Important Relationship

People don't like being alone, I get it. Even when we're by ourselves, we crave some sort of connection or company. It's why we check our phones dozens of times a day, and feel like our attention spans are dwindling by the moment. This isn't simply some existential issue, where we just hate being alone. It's an addiction to stimulation, one that takes us further away from the relationship that matters the most, the one with ourselves. 
We spend so much time in our heads, let's make it a happy place. I don't mean happy with forced positive thoughts. But happy because we're comfortable in our own skin, and enjoy the adventure of exploring all that's in us. I noticed in my early years as an artist, how much I thirsted for attention and validation. When things started working out because I was being authentically myself, I cared about it much less. It's not that I found something better, I just realized those things were quick fixes for deep wounds that existed inside of me.  Once they were address, most of my need for the quick fixes went away- not all- but most. It made me more aware of what other fixes I was chasing. 
I encourage y'all to do the same. Schedule in some daily ME time, put the device away, and spend time just getting to know yourself, maybe write in a journal, or doodle, or sing, or run. Whatever it is, go on dates with the most important person in your life.. You. 
How do you spend your ME time? 

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